Haiyu Zhou

Typeface Design, BFA Thesis, 2024.

How can we begin to understand a river's essence? A flow that is continuous, yet ever-changing. It is a force that moves steadily through various landscapes, adapting as needed. With a certain direction the river flows, passing through mountains, plains, and finally reaching the ocean. “No man ever steps in the same river twice”, making it symbolic but also concrete at the same time.

This project explores water's tangible aspects through graphic experiments, aiming to capture the subtle moments in nature. Inspired by the seasonal variation of Yangtze River, Flumen is a display typeface that embraces the fluidity of water. Variations in width indicate shifts in water level in dry season, flood season and in between.

We are all heading to the ocean. Yet we are tides that are certain to return to shore.

Specimen book, 30' x 20'.